This is why my phone is always full of capacity: PRINT-SCREENS!

These ones above are my top favorite savings from the last few days. I’m gonna paste them here so I can delete them from my phone :)

Top+Pants from Zara – I’m in love with an outfit that I can put together easily and sets likes these are the best way to do it. Love the warm tone and the material. Feels chic but effortless.

Bag from Mango – Perfect bag for everyday use. Minimal and clean. It goes with everything! We couldn’t expect less from a Celine dupe.

Sneakers from Adidas – Just after I got myself into the chunky sneakers trend and bought the Fila ones, I found these ones by Adidas. They are so cool with all those variations of white. Definitely a good option.

Necklace from Cinco – I could get every single necklace from cinco store. I love them all. One by one. And this particular one works like a little box that you can save little tresures inside. Is definitely coming home.

Pants from Mango – Another white pants. Why not? They have the perfect shape. Cropped, straight leg, high rise. Doesn’t  get better that these.