I’m always testing new apps, especially the ones I see that have a lot of hype around them. But since my phone is always on [Storage Almost Full] mode, the ones that I don’t open at least one time a day, end up being deleted.

Throughout the last two months, I’ve been trying the follow apps and now I think I can write about the reason why I’m keeping them on my phone for so long.



UNFOLD | I had to start with this one since most of the stories on my instagram are all done in there. Basically this app add templates to your stories so you publish them on instagram, snapchat, etc. You can add photos and videos and add text. Most of all, I like the simplicity. The templates are very easy to use and everything looks clean. It makes my stories look like a magazine and the storytelling fells thoughtful. Every picture looks better when using unfold.


rad vhs rad vhs

RAD VHS | This App is a trowback to the 90’s. You can create videos with that retro vibe and they look very realistic like an old camera. Its super fun to play with the filters and you can easily add music to it.


lake Spoonflower-Lake-color-in-design-2-1

LAKE | Since the adult coloring became a thing I became an addicted of it too. It helps me relax when I need to calm down and always saves me when I’m too bored. The only bad thing about adult coloring is carrying a color book and crayons around. But Lake app is very easy to use on your phone or tablet. It have  beautiful illustrations and a big color palette. Is the perfect App when your on the go, traveling or just want to relax.



FLO | Flo is the app you need if you want to keep track off your overall health and lifestyle. It helps you track the ups and downs of your periods. The more info you add into the app, the more accurate the results are. It analyzes your mood, your appetite, your physical changes throughout each cycle. It gives you recommendations based on how you feel and it helps you understand your body. It even have a feature to track pregnancy. I love it so much. I think its perfect for every woman.



KIRA KIRA+ | For me, the most fun photo and video app. This cute and super fun app add sparkles to your photos and videos in real time. Anything that is shiny or metallic the app adds multicolored sparkles. Its all glittery everywhere. Its gives your post that extra glam.