Weakly Favorites




This is why my phone is always full of capacity: PRINT-SCREENS!

These ones above are my top favorite savings from the last few days. I’m gonna paste them here so I can delete them from my phone :)

Top+Pants from Zara – I’m in love with an outfit that I can put together easily and sets likes these are the best way to do it. Love the warm tone and the material. Feels chic but effortless.

Bag from Mango – Perfect bag for everyday use. Minimal and clean. It goes with everything! We couldn’t expect less from a Celine dupe.

Sneakers from Adidas – Just after I got myself into the chunky sneakers trend and bought the Fila ones, I found these ones by Adidas. They are so cool with all those variations of white. Definitely a good option.

Necklace from Cinco – I could get every single necklace from cinco store. I love them all. One by one. And this particular one works like a little box that you can save little tresures inside. Is definitely coming home.

Pants from Mango – Another white pants. Why not? They have the perfect shape. Cropped, straight leg, high rise. Doesn’t  get better that these.


My 5 Favorite Apps Right Now

I’m always testing new apps, especially the ones I see that have a lot of hype around them. But since my phone is always on [Storage Almost Full] mode, the ones that I don’t open at least one time a day, end up being deleted.

Throughout the last two months, I’ve been trying the follow apps and now I think I can write about the reason why I’m keeping them on my phone for so long.



UNFOLD | I had to start with this one since most of the stories on my instagram are all done in there. Basically this app add templates to your stories so you publish them on instagram, snapchat, etc. You can add photos and videos and add text. Most of all, I like the simplicity. The templates are very easy to use and everything looks clean. It makes my stories look like a magazine and the storytelling fells thoughtful. Every picture looks better when using unfold.


rad vhs rad vhs

RAD VHS | This App is a trowback to the 90’s. You can create videos with that retro vibe and they look very realistic like an old camera. Its super fun to play with the filters and you can easily add music to it.


lake Spoonflower-Lake-color-in-design-2-1

LAKE | Since the adult coloring became a thing I became an addicted of it too. It helps me relax when I need to calm down and always saves me when I’m too bored. The only bad thing about adult coloring is carrying a color book and crayons around. But Lake app is very easy to use on your phone or tablet. It have  beautiful illustrations and a big color palette. Is the perfect App when your on the go, traveling or just want to relax.



FLO | Flo is the app you need if you want to keep track off your overall health and lifestyle. It helps you track the ups and downs of your periods. The more info you add into the app, the more accurate the results are. It analyzes your mood, your appetite, your physical changes throughout each cycle. It gives you recommendations based on how you feel and it helps you understand your body. It even have a feature to track pregnancy. I love it so much. I think its perfect for every woman.



KIRA KIRA+ | For me, the most fun photo and video app. This cute and super fun app add sparkles to your photos and videos in real time. Anything that is shiny or metallic the app adds multicolored sparkles. Its all glittery everywhere. Its gives your post that extra glam.

Weakly Favorites – Daydreaming in White

favorites 1 white

Is that too bad that my favorites this week are all in white tones? I can’t help it but fall in love with all the white pieces that are coming out right now. White will always be my favorite color but It’s still too cold in here. We still have snow and today is even raining. I guess I can dream, right? And I’m gonna keep dreaming about Spring time, warm weather  and a trip to the West.

Top from Zara – Love the sleeves and the buttons. Paired with crop jeans, black mules and a basket bag.

Blazer from Mango – This double breasted blazer you can wear it with nothing inside and gold jewelry. The color is just perfect.

Pants from Mango – This white pants are a must have. Loving pants with the belt and the pleat detail right now.

Shoes From Topshop – I normally don’t like white shoes but these ones seem so comfortable to wear around the city and they are so cool.

Bag from Mango – Saw this one at joana_staygold instagram stories and felt in love. Yes, I know its a look a like of the bucket bag from Staud but its so much more affordable and also so pretty.


Music Favorites: James Blake

James blake is by far one of my favorite artist of all time. After a more comercial album, The Color in Anything, that I love, he just come out with a new song just to let everybody know that he’s back to his roots. ‘If The Car Beside You Moves Ahead’ is a more electronic music and is on repeat around here. Its completely addictive. Just listen for yourself.

Vegan Red Velvet Cake


Red velvet cake was always my favorite cake. When I decide to make my boyfriend a birthday cake this year, red velvet was the first one that came to my mind.

I consider myself a pretty good cook but when it come to baking I thought I was terrible! Despite of that, I decide to give it a try even tho I had never made a birthday cake in my life.

With my mind set to do a red velvet cake I thought that it was going to be an extra challenge to made it vegan but actually I found a lot good recipes around the web. I just pick some that looked great and mixed them together. Turns out that my cake come out being the best red velvet cake I ever ate. It was moist, spongey and with a delicious and smooth lemon frost. Everybody loved it. Even my non-vegan friends thought that this vegan cake was some kind of sorcery.


Ingredients for the cake

320g All-Purpose Flour

250g Sugar

1/2 tsp Salt

1 Tbsp Cocoa Powder

1/2 lemon Juice

1 cup of Soy milk

2 1/2 tsp Vanilla extract

100ml Olive Oil

1 Tbsp White Vinegar

29ml Vegan Red Food Dye

1 tbs Baking Soda

Ingredients for the Frosting

1 container of Toffuti Better Than Cream Cheese (non-dairy cream cheese)

1/2 cup vegan margarine

2 cups of Powdered Sugar

1 tsp Vanilla extract

1 1/2 tsp lemon Juice


  • Preheat the oven to 350 degrees
  • Sift the flour into a mixing bowl and add the sugar, the salt and the cocoa powder. Mix it together with a hand whisk.
  • Put the lemon juice on a cup, add the soy milk and leave it for a couple of minutes until it gets thick. add to the dry ingredients.
  • Add the vanilla extract, olive oil, vinegar and vegan red food dye and mix it all together until there’s any lump.
  • Add now the baking soda and mix it until it incorporates.
  • Grease two round cake tins with coconut oil (I used 9 inch ones) and line the bottom with parchment paper.
  • Divide the batter between them.
  • Put it in the oven for aprox. 30 min. It depends on the oven, so keep checking with a toothpick after the 20min point.
  • Place the cakes onto a rack and let them cool completely.


  • Combine the vegan cream cheese and the vegan margarine in a bowl and beat them together until they blend well.
  • Sift the powdered sugar slowly into the bowl and then add the vanilla and the lemon juice.
  • Beat the ingredients until they are soft, smooth and well combined.

Spread the frosting over the top of one of the cakes and add the other cake on top. Frost the top again and this time frost the sides too. I decorate mine with some berries and some crumbles from the cake. I think it would be good with crumble oreos as well. Place it in the refrigerator at least two hours before serving.




You can find more of my vegan recipes at veganfoodfordummies on Instagram.

Tradução para Português em breve





NYC Lofts | 3

tumblr_nycm7xyD9t1sm7vspo5_1280tumblr_nycm7xyD9t1sm7vspo7_1280tumblr_nycm7xyD9t1sm7vspo3_1280tumblr_nycm7xyD9t1sm7vspo6_1280tumblr_nycm7xyD9t1sm7vspo4_1280tumblr_nycm7xyD9t1sm7vspo1_1280tumblr_nycm7xyD9t1sm7vspo2_1280 (1)


I literally have nothing to say about this NYC loft. Just look and cry over this modern Mexican decor, right in the heart of New York City! (Crying like a babyyyy)

Love, Iris

Nao tenho mesmo nada a dizer sobre este apartamento em NYC. Vejam as imagens e chorem por esta decoração moderna, um pouco ao estilo Mexicano, nestes metros quadrados bem no coração da cidade de Nova Iorque! 

Love, Iris



balmain 3

Did I get a BALMAIN X H&M piece?

balmain5balmain 4balmain1balmain8balmain6balmain7balmain 3balmain11

Hi there!

Another post about BALMAIN VS H&M colaboration? I know, I know, we are all tired of it but I promise this one its a little bit different. I’m going to tell you a funny story about how I get this BALMAIN VS H&M blazer and, no, I didn’t went crazy and spend the night camping on a H&M store; and no, I didn’t wake up  super early waiting on my phone, and tablet and pc all together for the collection to come online; and, no, I’m not vip enough and I didn’t had early access to the collection.

That day, November 5, I was at home, sick. So I wake up around 9am (the collection was already online for about an hour) and just for curiosity I went to the website to look how the things were going and wishing that if that blazer was still available, for a miracle, I would buy it. So, it took me 3 times to enter the website and when I did almost everything was out of stock! ok, well, I was expecting that. They still had some things from woman and the red and black leather jacket from men but I just wanted the blazer and it was sold out, all the sizes, like everybody already know…

A little bit disappointed but not sad at all, I just made my breakfast, sit on the couch and watched TV. An hour later, after watching all the videos about the crowds going crazy at the stores, after talking with my friends about it and laugh at it, I went to the website again to check if It was everything sold. I was really excited about the porportion that this specific collaboration got.

I just open the safari on my phone, and the page was still on the H&M website and on the blazer and, EVERYTHING WAS AVAILABLE! At least the blazer, because I didn’t check the other things, in all sizes! I just, OMG OMG OMG! I select my size, waiting for that to come sold out any minute and my hapiness just last for that second, I did the checkout and it went through! “Thank you for shopping at H&M”. IS THIS HAPPENING? I was so septic about it. So, I just did refresh at the page and everything was sold out again, all sizes, everything. Weird. Ok, they are going to send me an email telling me that they had a little (GIGANTIC) bug on the system and to forget about my purchase.

So, I wait.. and I wait until I get my shipping confirmation email, and I DID! Still, I wasn’t that sure about it so I didn’t tell no one, till today! The next Tuesday it was home. I was really happy and really surprised about it. I guess H&M really wanted me to have it ahahah. I don’t know if it happen to someone else, but its true, it happened to me.

So, never give up on anything, because you might get it even when your not trying lol

Wish you all a magic day.

Love, Iris

Mais um post sobre a febre da colecção da colaboração BALMAIN VS H&M? Eu sei, esta tudo farto deste tema mas prometo desde ja que este e diferente. Vou-vos contar uma pequena historia engraçada sobre como consegui eu este blazer da colaboração da casa francesa com a a H&M e não, não andei feita doida a dormir a porta da H&M; não, não acordei super cedo para focar colada no meu telemovel, tablet e pc em simultaneo a espera que a coleção saísse online; e não, não tenho qualquer estatuto vip que me desse acesso exclusivo a compra destas pecas.

Naquele mitico dia, 5 de Novembro, não fui trabalhar por estar doente. Acordei por volta das 9h (a coleção ja estava online desde as 8h) e, por curiosidade, fui ate ao website da H&M espreitar como estava tudo e a desejar que por milagre o blazer que tanto gostava ainda estivesse disponível. So a terceira tentativa de entrar na pagina e que consegui e quando consegui ja estava tudo esgotado. Ok, ja estava mais que a espera disto. Ainda haviam algumas pecas de senhora e o casaco de pele preto e vermelho de homem mas eu so estava mesmo interessada no blazer, que estava totalmente esgotado em todos os tamanhos.

Um bocadinho desiludida, aquela sensação estupida de que quando algo fica esgotado teria sido a melhor compra de sempre, mas nada triste, fui fazer o meu pequeno almoço e sentei-me no sofá a ver TV. Uma hora depois, ja tendo visto todos os videos de pessoas a ficarem completamente malucas nas lojas e de ter falado sobre o assunto com as minhas amigas e rir muito a conta disso, voltei ao site da H&M ver se ja estava então tudo realmente esgotado. Estava completamente extasiada com a proporção que esta colaboração estava a ter.

Abri o Safari no meu tlm e ainda estava na pagina da H&M, precisamente no blazer e ESTAVA TUDO DISPONÍVEL DE NOVO! Pelo menos o blazer, porque nem fui ver as outras coisas, em todos os tamanhos. Em êxtase apressei-me a escolher o meu tamanho sempre a espera que desse erro a qualquer minuto e ficasse tudo novamente esgotado, fiz a compra e aceitou! “Thank you for shopping at H&M” ISTO ESTA MESMO ACONTECER? Estava tao incrédula. Logo de seguida, fiz refresh na pagina e ficou tudo esgotado de novo, todos os tamanhos, todas as pecas. Minimamente estranho. So pensei: ‘ok, vou ja receber um email da H&M a lamentar que tiveram uma falha técnica, para esquecer a minha compra que estava sem efeito.

Então fiquei ali a espera… a espera que me chegasse o email de confirmação do envio. E CHEGOU! Mesmo assim, ainda não estava a acreditar que aquilo estava mesmo acontecer, estava achar mesmo muito estranho, decidi não contar a ninguém para não passar uma vergonha. Na terça-feira seguinte ele chegou, perfeito! Fiquei mesmo feliz e super surpresa com o que tinha acontecido. So pode ter sido erro no sistema mas a H&M la resolveu que queria mesmo que eu ficasse com o blazer ahah. Não faço ideia se isto aconteceu com mais alguém, mas e verdade, foi assim que consegui uma peca da colecção sem me incomodar muito :)

Portanto, nunca desistam de nada porque podem sempre conseguir mesmo quando não estão a espera lol

Desejo-vos um dia magico a todos!

Love, Iris


NYC Lofts | 2

tumblr_mracinX2391qm2kg4o2_1280 tumblr_mracinX2391qm2kg4o1_1280 tumblr_mracinX2391qm2kg4o5_1280 tumblr_mracinX2391qm2kg4o3_1280 tumblr_mracinX2391qm2kg4o6_1280tumblr_mracinX2391qm2kg4o10_1280tumblr_mracinX2391qm2kg4o9_1280

This is one of those lofts to die for! I love everything about it. The industrial/modern/classic/vintage mix, what else you need? I could live here!

Love, Iris

Este e daqueles que se fica completamente apaixonado. Adoro tudo! A mistura do industrial com o moderno, o clássico e o vintage, de que precisamos mais? Podia viver aqui! 

Love, Iris


NYC Lofts | 1

tumblr_mdg5xjAcT51qb3jnco1_500tumblr_n2zk0hsHln1s3fmbio1_1280 tumblr_nolf7q1pBI1up6neto2_1280 tumblr_nq98ckwT5b1r5cxp0o1_500 tumblr_nyckfiuyWs1sm7vspo1_1280 tumblr_ny9d61eOM41uf8930o1_1280tumblr_nycn0iG13j1sm7vspo1_1280 tumblr_nyioafPa4z1ukl4p5o1_1280

Hi there!

It’s friday, ieiiii! This is my new friday rubric, NYC Lofts. I’m so excited about this. I spend a lot of time browsing through interior websites, special the ones about houses in New York.

I have to tell you that not every apartment here it’s like the ones above, at all! Something like this it’s impossible to find if you don’t have a big fat bank account. Something with all this light, the details, the brick walls, the decor, all the windows and this kind of industrial style that I feel so passionate about.

Here, in this city, or you live sharing a house and having privacy just in your little bedroom or you spend half of your sweaty salary on a 20 square foot apartment with windows facing concrete.

Then, you just find this pictures of this lofts right in the heart of the city and you cry till you have no tears.

Love, Iris

Ola, Lovers,

Ja e sexta-feira e com ela vem a minha nova rubrica semanal, New York City Lofts. Estou tao entusiasmada com ela. Passo imenso tempo a deambular por site de decoração de interiores e sites de arquitectura em geral mas, especialmente, os que são sobre casas em Nova Iorque.

Tenho de confessar que aqui nem todos os apartamentos são como os que vos mostro em cima, de todo! Algo assim como estes e completamente impossível de encontrar a não ser que tenham uma conta bancaria bem gordinha. Algo com esta luz, os detalhes, os tijolos na parede, a decoração, todas essas janelas com vista fantástica e este estilo industrial que tanto admiro.

Aqui, nesta cidade, ou vivem a partilhar uma casa, onde a única privacidade que tem e no vosso mini mini quartinho ou gastam metade do vosso salário num apartamento de 3 metros quadrados com todas as janelas viradas para uma selva de betao.

E depois encontram este tipo de fotografias, deste tipo de lofts, bem no meio do coração da cidade, que vos fazem chorar ate não haver mais lagrimas no vosso coração.


Lovely Personalized Gifts

12316307_10207024365841975_660768019391680844_n12310605_10207024365281961_848266017787208643_n12312006_10207024732931152_62855997_n12322946_10207026707820523_1915746021569726382_o 12342765_10207025020698346_1592149913132648885_n12301667_10207025022618394_2247641552906289121_n

Hi lovers! Still in the Christmas tips planet, today I have something really special to show you. This is for those who are tired of the same gifts every year and they want something special, something unique and with a big sentimental value.

So, I have this friend that turns everything she does into something really beautiful. I’m truly in love with her work.

As you can see on the pictures above, she makes little pieces of art. You just have to choose whatever you want, gave her some guidelines and I promise you will not be disappointed.

For christmas gifts, I just think that those cute personalized pictures frames are just perfect to give to a baby and to a recent mom. They look so adorable on a nursery decoration.

She makes everything you can imagine. Since post cards, all kinds of invitations, photos, baby showers, wedding stationary and so on… Just think about something and she will do it for sure, with a lot of love.

This is a recent project and some updates will be up soon. But, for now, if you want to order something, just contact catscatarina@gmail.com.

This kind of personalized and personal gifts, made with love, just stay a lifetime in people hearts.

Love, Iris

Ola, lovers!

Ainda dentro do tema sobre ideias para prendinhas neste natal, tenho um projecto muito especial que vos quero mostrar. Isto e para aqueles que estão cansados dos mesmos presentes todos os anos e querem oferecer algo especial, único e com valor sentimental mas não tem jeitinho nenhum, como eu, para o fazer vocês mesmos.

E assim, quero-vos apresentar esta amiga que transforma tudo o que faz em amor. Amo todos os trabalhos dela de coração, assim como a ela. Pessoalmente não conheço mais nada assim, onde tudo e feito com perfeição e atenção ao pormenor e com uma dose de carinho gigante .

Como podem ver nas fotos a cima, ela faz pequenas pecas de arte. So tem de escolher o que querem, explicar os vossos gostos pessoais e deixar por conta dela. Prometo que não se irão desiludir.

Agora dentro da tematica do natal, acho que estes quadros personalizados são prendinhas perfeitas para as mamas e os bebes. Sao tao fofos e ficam tao amorosos na decoração do quartinho dos pequenitos.

Alem disto, ela faz tudo o que possam imaginar. Desde cartões, postais, convites, fotografias, cha de bebe, material de casamento e tudo mais… So tem de pensar em algo e deliciarem-se com o resultado. E, realmente, trabalho de amor.

Este e um projecto recente que tera bastantes actualizações em breve. Por agora, se quiserem fazer a vossa encomenda entrem em contacto com a Catarina através do email catscatarina@gmail.com.

Estes presentes pessoais e personalizados, cheios de amor, duram uma vida no coração das pessoas.

Love, Iris